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Groupage / Cargo transport

Make the mission easier, take advantage of one or more of our services. Can your goods / consignments be shipped with other goods? You can save some by sending goods / assets with others. We coordinate several assignments together, thus saving some of the transport costs. Collective assignments are often non-urgent assignments that can be sent in a larger vans/vehicles with goods / goods from several other clients. We can either pack and pick up goods from your address to the terminal, or you yourself may pack and
the distribution car will arrive and pick up your goods. The last option is the most affordable. Please contact us for a friendly chat.

Nobo Cargo AS wants to offer both private and business affordable solutions for smaller and larger transport needs. We do this in collaboration with our partners, and sew together reasonable and good solutions based on cargo / freight. Our network covers the whole of Norway. With freight / freight we can send out a pallet carton (s) to your / their address (s) where you yourself pack what you want to send. A car picks up the pallet (s) and the goods are shipped to the desired destination.

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