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Make moving and storage easier, use one or more of our services. We have storage for both small and large volumes. We have access to steel containers, which can store goods in
temperate halls, up to 32 m3 volume per container. Containers can also easily be transported to an address for you / yourself to load for storage. We transport containers to and from addresses. Also assists with packing, loading and unloading if desired. Smaller storage goods are also possible. Please contact us for a friendly chat and to receive an offer for your assignment(s).

Storage in container, easier for you!

Be sure the elements will be safe, as well as weather protection.

* Less handling, reloading, and time saving.

* Containers are robust with high security

* Reduced risk of damage to goods both during transport and during storage

* Efficient, flexible, easy loading and unloading due to size of doors.

We can load container for you directly on the truck, or drop us off and pick up 20 foot containers.

With us, your things are dry and warm and safe, and our staff has long experience and carries out packing, loading, unloading, placing the goods according to your wishes. Location – Hurum.

We can recommend different serious furniture stores depending on where you are going to move from and to Oslo / Akershus.